Complete Guide What Shoes to Wear With Midi Dress – Pairing Shoe Tips

What Shoes to Wear With Midi Dress

What Shoes to Wear With Midi Dress, We’re just a few months away from warmer weather, which means that we will soon be wearing lightweight, airy frocks, simple denim shorts and easy-breezy dresses. The timeless fashion-girl favorite, the midi skirt, is a versatile wardrobe essential. It is also a great piece to wear in transitional weather, as it can be worn with both sandals and knee-high boots.

Now that you have your favorite midi skirts, it is time to think about what shoes look best with a midi length skirt. We turn to our fashion icons to find the best footwear for all body types. You can wear a midi length skirt, even if you are shorter than me. Just choose an A-line or wrap skirt that falls below your knees.

Scroll down to see the best shoes to pair with a midi skirt, from sneakers to espadrille heels.

What are the Best Shoe to Wear with Midi Dress

1. Midi Dress with Sandals

Midi Dress with Sandals

Slides: The easiest sandal made the most simple dress even more easy.

Strappy sandals: Suitable for Midi dresses that don’t tie at ankle with strappy sandals

Gladiator: These are great for those with longer legs. They work for me at 5’5.75, which is somewhere in the middle of tall and short.

2. Flats and Midi Dress

Flats and Midi Dress

While slides are the most comfortable sandal for wearing with a midi-length dress, the ballet flat is the most versatile. They are easy to wear and require little effort.

 What Shoes to Wear With Midi Dress, You can add height to your shoes by buying a pair with a little heel like the Repetto Camille flats.

3. Midi Dress with Trainer’s

Midi Dress with Trainers

Converse: I will vote for whoever is offered the option. Converse high-end. They look great with midi dresses, despite their reputation for making your legs appear shorter. It’s just a matter of finding a bag that complements the proportions.

Stan Smiths: An outfit is complete with a white sneaker

This is to keep the proportions of your outfit in line with the length of the dress.

What Shoes to Wear With Midi Dress, If your bag is lower than your hips, you’re going to look longer, but not in a good way, see what I mean above?

Now, back to outfits!

In all of these outfits I’m wearing Realization Par’s Juliet dress. It’s an ideal midi because it has a youthful feel with its ruffled trims, but still looks put together.

Here are 11 casual midi dress outfit ideas, along the shoes to wear it wit

4. Midi Dress with Espadrilles

Midi Dress with Espadrilles

 What Shoes to Wear With Midi Dress, Espadrilles is the summer shoe of French It Girls such as Jeanne Damas.

You can add 2.5 inches to your height with a wedge espadrille like the Castanet ones (review here). The way they lace up your legs adds subtle seduction to your outfit.

Summing It Up!

If someone had told me that midi dresses would become my favorite style in my 20s, it would have shocked. I always thought they were old-fashioned and a little frumpy. But, in 2018, it all comes down to choosing the right shoes. What Shoes to Wear With Midi Dress, Street style sets provide many options for shoes that can be worn with midis. The Attico girls dressed up their midis in satin mules, while the Madga Butrym girls wore heavy-duty cowboy boots. Also, we saw winter florals and chunky Joseph knit dresses paired with knee high boots. It’s all about the skin that shows. Continue reading to learn how to pair midi dresses and shoes.

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